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Over thirty years, hundreds of thousands of people have been empowered by Grace and added to a global community of prosperous woman who are continually changing the world. Our mission is not about the products. It is about you.

Our brand ambassadors earn a healthy income selling the products they love and enjoy the flexibility of working for themselves. Can you see yourself doing this? Well you can! Join our community of likeminded, supportive women and build a business that suits you.

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Yes there are perks to joining the Grace community, including the opportunity to travel the world. This is no ordinary holiday, Grace lavishes its leading brand ambassadors with first-class accommodation and wow experiences in must-see destinations. See where we’re headed next.

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Australian owned and family operated

Proudly Australian owned & family operated since 1983

Pro-Ma Systems is proud to be a full member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia and is committed to the DSAA Code of Practice. The DSAA is an association of companies who sell products directly to consumers. It supports fair and proper trading practices and is dedicated to defending and promoting the independent status of Distributors within the industry.